Monitoring Bore Cladding

Defects in the alloy layer defeat the purpose of cladding and result in costly scrap, re-work or even failure of the component in the field. Monitoring the overlay process is difficult due to geometry and high temperatures.

Micro Welding Camera

Micro welding processes call for optical magnification and high resolution cameras due to the fine scale of the weldments. The welding camera should provide an excellent image during both welding and non-welding.

Welding Process Development Tools

Without being able to directly observe the weld, it’s very hard to identify experimental mistakes or conceptualize the effect of parameters on weld puddle behavior. However, a high-speed welding camera can lift the curtain on droplet detachment, spatter generation, puddle dynamics, and other secrets of the weld.

Monitoring pipe mill welding

Process operators are faced with making accurate adjustments to the equipment during welding, and the right camera provides the operator with a clear, real-time view of the weld puddle that helps him to take corrective actions and keep a constant eye on the welding process.

Monitoring plasma arc welding

Plasma keyhole welding offers high integrity welds and high productivity, and finds plenty of applications in industries that manufacture products from stainless and titanium; however, the torch is often positioned such that visual monitoring of the weld process by the operator difficult.

Welding Education

Verbal and written descriptions of arc physics and limited vision of the real arc bores our students. Can we capture some exciting stuff for them with today’s optics?

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