Micro welding processes call for optical magnification due to the fine scale of the weldments involved. Set-up accuracy becomes more critical as the size of the welded parts decreases.


With welds on the order of 0.1", or 1-2mm, both "micro" and "welding" make it hard for an operator to see and therefore control what is often a semiautomatic process. Both non-welding and welding images must be a clear as possible for set-up, welding and inspection.

MeltView Solution

Often the operator uses a microscope to observe the weld, but a camera is a more ergonomic solution. A welding camera with the appropriate lens enables the operator to align the electrode over the weld joint. The welding camera can also be used for pre- and post-weld inspection of the part, particularly if the camera delivers a clear image when welding is off. The MeltView MIRA3 with a varifocal lens provides a magnified view of the weld zone, as small as 6x10mm, and our dimmable LED brick light provides an ultra clear inspection image. At 1920x1080 resolution, the operator can see fine details without the need for a microscope.



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