About Us


We combine our passions for welding and innovation to make unique tools that you won't find anywhere else, and we make each product with a clear goal: to provide our customers with the most practical solution on the market. Our state-of-the-art camera systems enable our customers around the world to improve the productivity, quality, and safety of their welding applications.

MeltTools at a glance

  • Pioneers in welding imaging since 2010.
  • Pioneers in Artificial Intelligence for welding since 2019.
  • In-house design, CNC, assembly, optical analysis, EMC and weld testing.
  • In-house data science team, model development and training.
  • All products proudly built in Michigan, USA.
  • Direct supplier to world-leading corporations and 400 customers in 25 countries.

Our design principles

  • Practical. Elegant. Our compact cameras feature integrated lighting, cooling and specialized optics.
  • Reliable. Easy to use. Direct-to-monitor systems require little tuning and evade the costs and headaches of computers and software. All systems are made to last in a welding environment.
  • Customized key components. We design cameras and mounts for optimal image and machine integration.
  • Leveraged off-the-shelf technology. We utilize robust and economical display and recording tools.
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