Engineered Cameras

Customization Capabilities

Our camera systems are configurable to allow for ease of integration into new and existing machinery. Beyond standard configurations, we regularly customize cameras, mounts, controllers and transmission and display.

MeltView PIXI Industrial welding camera long, medium and short sizes
Noga free arm camera mount torch clamp base
Miniature free arm camera mount lightweight
Custom mount for MeltView DART2 and PIXI welding cameras
MeltView PL90 welding camera
MeltView APEX3 camera with mount

Camera Customization

The right fit is just as important as a clear image, and sometimes you can't get a clear image without it. We offer a large number of configurations for lenses, optical direction, sensor orientation, and focus mechanisms. When you determine the ideal location for your camera, we will help you make sure that it integrates well into your machine and delivers the most useful image. We will consider your requirements for cooling, optical pathway protection and cabling. If you need a unique camera body shape, we will design and deliver.

Custom Mounts

When a standard camera mount is insufficient, we bring our talents to bear on the interface between camera and machine. Considering possible attachment points, acceptable weight, the desirable degree of rigidity and the range of adjustment required, we will propose a design to solve the issue of camera integration into your equipment. CAD file interoperability is not a problem; we can use Solidworks, Siemens, Autodesk, etc. Send us a model, photo or sample of your torch and existing bracket, mandrel, or robot arm, and we'll take it from there.

Controller Customization

Camera controllers provide quick access to camera parameters and LED control. They also serve the critical function of protection of up and downstream electronics and should be grounded to machine ground. The video signal passes through the controller where it can be converted or conditioned to be displayed at your desired location(s). We customize both controllers and secondary junction boxes for specific cable types and routings, in conjunction with transmission and display requirements.

Transmission and Display

Reliable power, control and video between the camera and the display may be as simple as an off-the-shelf X-coded cable, or it may require high temperature, shielded, glanded, fiber or networked solutions. The environment and transmission distance will determine the optimal cable type, or whether a wireless solution is necessary. Many options for display and recording are possible with cost-effective components. Tell us how and where you want to control the camera and display and/or record/trigger video, and will configure your system.

MeltTools machine shop

Design and Machine

Being able to machine cameras, mounts and controllers in-house gives us ultimate flexibility to prototype whatever we design and deliver optimized solutions to integrate into our customers' equipment. Please contact us to discuss.

MeltTools employee working on Artificial Intelligence system

Defect detection and tracking

If you are ready to go beyond visualization, we can implement our AI systems to automatically detect defects and create consistent and reliable alarms for the welding machine operator.

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