MeltViewTM APEX3 welding camera kit

For practical welding education and training

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The MeltView APEX3 camera kit is our unique solution to visualizing welding in the classroom and remote learning. The small size and dual lens feature makes it possible to mount the camera to the welding torch or to the bench. The torch mount takes the guess work out of capturing a close-up, continuously in-focus image, while the bench mount makes it possible to capture stick welding or any other process at a distance.

For more information see our welding education page.

Key APEX3 camera features:

  • Full HD (1920x1080) real time (30fps) video of welding
  • Automatic exposure control
  • Digital zoom
  • Available in monochrome, for all welding processes, or rich color, for select welding processes
  • Computerless display to HDMI (monitor not included)
  • Free, open-source software for recording audio and up to 2 cameras

The kit price includes a fifteen percent educational discount. The kit includes:

  • MeltView APEX3 camera with micro-lens and torch mount  (see camera page for specifications)
  • Varifocal lens with bench mount
  • Camera cable and controller
  • Frame grabber to record and/or stream video
  • LED brick light for clear non-welding image
  • Microphone for arc sound
  • Torch mount set up clamp
  • Accessories and suitcase


  • Laptop with software pre-loaded (or user provides laptop)
  • Wide angle camera for view of instructor's body position
  • HDMI display goggles

More information can be found on our page of APEX3 kit FAQs

Components may be purchased separately. See links below.

Welding Processes

Video gallery

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Welding Instructor, McHenry County College
Apex 3 Kit for Welding Education

We purchased the MeltTools Apex 3 kit 2 years ago. Currently we use it several times a week for demonstrations in the welding lab as well as recording content for students to review. The ability to run live demonstrations on large overhead tv's has been a game changer for allowing all the students to see clearly. The puddle is clear and the surrounding area where you are welding shows up well. The camera has proven to be durable as we may have dropped it a time or two. It has operated flawlessly on GMAW and SMAW. There is a learning curve as there is a lot of adjustments that can be made to the picture and we chose to run two cameras simultaneously through OBS, a free video software, but once that is figured out it is pretty straightforward on a day to day basis. The only negative we have had is the software freezes up sometimes during HF ignition for GTAW. It has been a great tool and is proving itself to be invaluable in helping our students understand the various welding processes.

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