MeltView APEX3 camera kit for welding education

The MeltView APEX3 camera kit is designed for welding education and training. Our unique solution to welding visualization in the classroom permits mounting the camera onto the welding torch or to the bench.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use the camera?
    Mount the camera to the torch and connect the camera cable to the controller. Connect a large format monitor (i.e. HDMI monitor) to the controller. Check that the camera is in focus and start welding! If you are using the zoom lens and LED, mount this assembly to the bench and power up the LED. The LED provides a bright image when welding is off. The torch mount allows for a close-up image at almost any viewing angle. This is the principal advantage of the MeltView APEX3 camera over other welding cameras. The torch mount is not suitable for imaging SMAW, since the stick is consumed during welding, so the bench mount with zoom lens is used to capture video of SMAW.
  • How close can I get to the weld?
    The APEX3 camera mounted to the torch can be as close as 2" to the weld for a field of view of ~2". In some cases instructors will mount the APEX3 with microlens to the bench instead of the torch and use the camera up to 16" away. For working distances 16" or greater, we recommend mounting the APEX3 camera with varifocal lens on the bench with the magnetic mount.
  • Why is a welding camera so expensive?
    While cameras are everywhere nowadays, they are not suitable for imaging the very bright welding arc. There are only a few cameras that can do this, and MeltTools offers what we consider to be the most well-designed camera for welding education on the market. Every MeltView welding camera is designed and built and supported from our facility in Michigan.
  • Is the camera too heavy to mount to the torch?
    No, it’s not. Our customers say that it takes some getting used to having a camera mounted to the torch, but that it's worth it for the quality of the images that they can capture. The APEX3 plus lightweight torch mount weigh 10oz, while the APEX3 plus C-clamp torch mount weigh just over 1lb. Both mounts are included in the kit and are workable given the weight and drag of a typical welding torch and cables.
  • Is the camera kit difficult to set up?
    No. Our kit is designed to be easy to use. The APEX3 does not require software to operate, making it quick to set up and start using. For recording we provided a frame grabber and a manual for using free, open-source OBS software. A manual is also included, which gives clear examples of how the system can be used for various welding demonstrations. Our support team at is ready to further help when needed.
  • Does the APEX3 camera need cooling?
    No. The APEX3 does not have any integrated cooling system because it's intended for intermittent use. The camera operates at temperatures up to 50°C (122°F) and cools off between welding demonstrations.
  • What can I expect to show with the camera?
    Our customers have visualized all of the following: melt-in at the leading edge of the puddle; melt-in on the sides of the puddle; solidification of the rear of the weld puddle; effect of parameter changes, electrode position and traverse speed on weld puddle behavior and dimensions; generation of various weld defects; torch manipulation techniques.
  • I would like to show a wider view for capturing welder technique (torch, body hand position)
    Additional cameras can be synchronized with the APEX3 camera. The video resolution can be set according to the display, recording or streaming requirements and the size and position of the different cameras configurable on the screen layout configured as desired. See for an example.
  • Can I capture the welding process sounds with the camera?
    Yes, the kit ships with a directional microphone and will transmit, record and stream the synchronized sound.
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