Camera mounts

Flexible and secure mounts for optimal viewing angle

The interface between camera and machine is where we spend a lot of our mechanical design and machining time. Our range of mounts is designed for stable yet flexible positioning of the camera in the available space, given certain obstructions, to obtain the optimal image of the weld. The ideal viewing angle is a function of the welding equipment, joint geometry and the features of interest in the weld zone.

Browse our standard mounts below and feel free to contact us for advice on selecting a mount for your welding application, or customizing one as needed. 

Free arm camera mount (1/4 adapter)
Camera mounts
from $220.00 to $500.00
Fixed arm mounts, single
Camera mounts
from $200.00 to $250.00
Fixed arm mounts, double, with torch clamp
Camera and laser diode mount for submerged and open arc welding
from $440.00 to $580.00
Magnetic welding torch support
For the APEX3 camera kit
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