Free arm camera mount (1/4" adapter)

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Our free arm camera mount in four lengths allows for precise camera positioning.

  • Mount with magnet base or torch clamp
  • Adapter works with MeltTools' isolation blocks (DART, DART2) or isolation ring mount (PIXI, APEX3)
  • Extended arm length of 120mm (4.7"), 240mm (9.4"), 270mm (10.6") or 300mm (12")
  • Torch clamp adjusts for torches ranging in diameter from 16mm to 50mm (0.63 - 2")


120mm (5") free arm w/ torch clamp

227 g (0.5 lb)

240mm (10") free arm w/ torch clamp 

380 g (0.84 lb) 

270mm (11") free arm w/ torch clamp

920 g (2 lbs)

300mm (12") free arm w/ torch clamp

950 g (2.1 lbs)

240mm (10") free arm w/ magnet base

952.5 g (2.10 lb)

270mm (11") free arm w/ magnet base

1415.2 g (3.12 lb)

300mm (12") free arm w/ magnet base

1428.8 g (3.15 lb)

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