Welding Education and Training

The key skill that is taught in practical welding education is visual analysis of puddle behavior. However, the small scale, dynamic movement and hazards of welding make it difficult for more than a handful of students to observe details in the melt zone (e.g. arc shape, weld puddle behavior, wire placement).

Camera advantage

Manual welding skills are learned through demonstration and practice. Typically an instructor will demonstrate correct welding technique for a particular process, and then the students will practice the same task. A camera system that is suitable for practical welding education should be simple to set-up, easily focused, and flexible so that the variety of viewpoints that a welder takes during different welding tasks can be easily mimicked with the camera.

Two drawings depicting how torch mounts can be used at different angles

MeltView Solution

The MeltView APEX3 is our welding education camera system that provides clear, in-focus, magnified views of the weld zone during both demonstration and student practice. Because the small APEX3 camera mounts flexibly to the MIG or TIG welding torch, it’s possible to show and record circumferential welds, 3G welds, long welds, and more, from an angle that most closely resembles the manual welder’s point of view.

Why use a welding camera?

  • 90% of welding skill is visually based. Virtual reality trainers can’t teach this critical skill.

  • Instructors can engage students and demonstrate welding to more students, more effectively.

  • Student understanding is greatly enhanced by a magnified image of the weld, both of the instructor’s welds and their own welds.

  • Create video libraries for e-learning resources that attract and aid students.

  • Document student progress and results in a unique way that enables students to advance and enter employment faster.

MeltView APEX3 advantage

  • Our unique torch-mounted camera system can mimic the welder’s viewpoint.

  • Once the camera is mounted to the torch in the desired position, the image stays in focus as long as you weld.

  • The APEX3 can be mounted to different torches at different angles, or bench-mounted if desired.

  • The APEX3 provides a clear, HD image of welding at 1920x1080p with a bright background and minimal need to adjust camera parameters.

  • The APEX3 does not require a computer or software. No software image manipulation means a clearer, crisper welding image.

  • The included frame grabber can be used to record and/or stream video from a laptop.

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