Arc Welding Processes For Pipe Mill Welding

Pipes stacked together inside a pipe mill

Open arc welding processes are commonly used in both longitudinal and spiral pipe mills, industrial pipe prefabrication shops and orbital machines found on-site. Process operators are faced with making ongoing, accurate adjustments to the equipment during welding, and the continuous or repetitive process may involve significant actinic radiation, heat and fumes. The opportunity to view the weld may be limited and put operators under strain for long periods of time.

Camera advantage

Welding cameras have a long history of having been employed in pipe mills. They provide an indispensable seam-tracking and troubleshooting aid to the operator, who may use a camera to monitor continuous root pass welding, continuous tack pass welding, coil joining stations and other automated applications.

Welding cameras provide operators with a clear, real-time view of the weld puddle that helps them to take corrective action and keep a constant eye on the welding process, while improving their health and safety.

MeltView solution

For GTAW I.D. and O.D. of stainless pipe, a dual MeltView PIXI camera system provides a good solution. The PIXI with integrated cooling is 30mm in diameter, which is small enough to fit inside the pipe for the I.D. weld. The PIXI for the O.D. weld is configured with a shorter cable and smaller focal length lens as it is mounted closer to the weld.

For GMAW spiral pipe welding, a MIRA camera with a C-mount lens and air-knife enables the camera to be placed many feet away from the weld and protected against spatter.

Contact us to discuss and we will recommend a camera model based on the most appropriate mounting location and lighting, recording, and protection requirements.



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