Simple Monitoring of Industrial Processes

The MeltView PIXI camera finds frequent application in monitoring various industrial processes due to the following features:
• Crisp, full high-definition (1920x1080) direct to monitor video with minimal latency.
• Robust industrial-grade housing and cables designed to withstand challenging environments (electrical noise, temperature, dust).
• Built-in lighting for enhanced visibility.
• Small size with integrated cooling.
• A large selection of lenses catering to different working distances and field of view requirements.
• An adjustable mounting arm that facilitates positioning for optimal operator viewing.


Recent deployments include:

  • Friction stir welding

  • ID or OD monitoring of submerged arc welding

  • Laser processes

  • Alignment of precision TIG welds

Benefits to customer:

  • Low cost system

  • Direct-to-monitor

  • High image quality

  • Off-the-shelf cables

Below is one of our simplest camera systems:

  Product Qty
1   MeltView PIXI camera 1
2   X-Coded camera cable 1
3   Compact camera controller 1
4   BNC male/male coaxial cable,  standard 1
5   Free arm camera mount 1
6   HF isolation ring mount 1
7   15" HD-SDI monitor 1920-1080 1




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