Laser diode spot assembly


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  • Welding process

  • Laser diodes



A single or a pair of laser diode spots provide additional guidance to the operator, for alignment and/or height tracking.

  • Laser diode in water cooled housing with replaceable spatter shield
  • Select a single laser diode or a pair of laser diodes
  • Assembly includes laser diode(s) and housing(s), power lead splitter for dual laser diodes
  • PIXI camera sold separately
  • Dual fix arm mount sold separately


Temperature rating without cooling 

 0 - 45° C (32 - 113°F) 

Temperature with water cooling 

0 - 120°C (32 - 248°F) 

Safety class

Class II

Water cooled housing dimensions

27 x 32 x 35mm (1.06 x 1.26 x 1.38")

Laser diode dimensions

58mm (2.3") long, diameter

Weight of housing plus laser diode

96.4 g (0.22lbs)

Voltage input


Additional parts for laser diode

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