Camera system maintenance

Our MeltView cameras are easy to maintain and will last even longer with periodic maintenance to ensure a clear optical pathway, proper cooling, and proper isolation. If the camera image becomes blurry or hazy during both welding and non-welding, this indicates that the spatter shield or sealant glass has become dirty and should be cleaned or replaced. When replacing the sealant glass, also check that the gasket is clean and intact and replace as needed. The camera has an internal temperature display. Monitor the temperature periodically to ensure that cooling is functioning as intended. Finally, check all camera fittings and all isolation rings and mounts for integrity. Browse the FAQs below for help with specific maintenance-related questions, and contact us if you need any assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I change the sealant glass and gasket?
    All MeltView optical systems come with a protective borosilicate sealant glass. The sealant glass may need to be replaced periodically and can be easily accessed by unscrewing the front cover of the camera. A new sealant glass is inserted onto the front surface, over the gasket, and the front cover replaced. The front gasket may also be replaced as needed.
  • How do I replace the spatter shield or protective window?
    The spatter shield/protective window is an essential component for maintaining image quality in environments with welding spatter. It can be removed by pulling in the direction of the tab and a new one can be inserted in the same manner without necessitating any tools. The spatter shield may be made of glass or plastic.
  • Are there any special maintenance routines for camera systems in high-debris environments?
    Cameras that are used in high-debris environments are likely to utilize the integrated cooling channels or gas-knife features, so in addition to maintaining a clear optical pathway, all barbs, clamps and tubing should be visually inspected and preventatively maintained.
  • What is the process for repairs?
    If a system fault arises, first consult our troubleshooting resources. If you determine that a repair is needed, please contact our support team for guidance. In some cases repairs can be carried out on site. For returns, an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number is mandatory. In order to request an RMA, you will need to provide the following: Your name and company, Model and serial number, Problem description. The Return Address for authorized RMAs is MeltTools Attn: RMA#, 7847 S Sprinkle Rd., Portage MI 49002.
  • How do I order replacement parts?
    Most replacement parts are available directly through our online store. If you can not find what you are looking for are are unsure of the part that you require, consult your product manual or contact us.
  • Can the lens be replaced?
    First of all, the spatter guard and sealant glass can easily be replaced. The camera lens is typically inside of the camera and not accessible without removing the camera front cover. If the camera was inadvertently used without sealant glass, or you wish to utilize a different focal length lens, the lens may need to be replaced. You may request an RMA if you would like us to replace the lens. If you undertake to replace the lens yourself, it's essential to ensure that dust does not enter the camera and accumulate on the camera sensor while replacing a lens, and that the sealant glass and gasket are correctly replaced. In most instances, lenses are not interchangeable between cameras due to a number of factors.
  • Are the cables repairable?
    MeltTools can repair all cables that we make. However, depending on the location of damage and age of the cable, it may be more economical to replace the cable.
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