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MeltView cameras

Weld monitoring cameras

Our direct-display, high resolution welding cameras are designed for real-time weld monitoring. All models are durable, compact, and provide a crisp, clear welding image. The models differ according to their temperature ranges and optical design, making each model suitable for particular applications.

  • Functionality: Our direct-to-monitor, HD-SDI cameras provide reliable and intuitive operation.
  • Resolution: All models display full high-definition (FHD) resolution, 1920x1080, at 30 frames per second.
  • Latency: Near-zero latency ensures real-time imaging for accurate inspections.
  • Auto-switching: All camera models automatically switch between welding and non-welding modes.
  • Optics: All camera models are available in both monochrome and color. Several models are designed to provide angled optics that are tailored to the application.
  • Additional Features: MeltView cameras can be integrated with wireless/fiber transmission, DVRs, and other devices.
  • MeltView PIXI welding camera
    Versatile camera ideal for LBW, PAW, SAW and color TIG
    MeltView DART2 welding camera
    Compact camera ideal for MIG, TIG, PAW and FCAW
    MeltView Mini DART2 welding camera
    Smallest DART2 camera for MIG, TIG, PAW and FCAW
    MeltView MIRA3 welding camera
    C-mount lens camera for the smallest welds
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