Weld monitoring cameras

Our direct-display, high resolution welding cameras are designed for real-time weld monitoring. All models are durable, compact, and provide a crisp, clear welding image. The models differ according to their temperature ranges and optical design, making each model suitable for particular applications.

  • Functionality: Our direct-to-monitor, HD-SDI cameras provide reliable and intuitive operation.
  • Resolution: All models display full high-definition (FHD) resolution, 1920x1080, at 30 frames per second.
  • Latency: Near-zero latency ensures real-time imaging for accurate inspections.
  • Auto-switching: All camera models automatically switch between welding and non-welding modes.
  • Optics: All camera models are available in both monochrome and color. Several models are designed to provide angled optics that are tailored to the application.
  • Additional Features: MeltView cameras can be integrated with wireless/fiber transmission, DVRs, and other devices.
MeltView<sup>TM</sup> PIXI welding camera
Versatile camera ideal for LBW, PAW, SAW and color TIG
MeltView<sup>TM</sup> DART2 welding camera
Compact camera ideal for MIG, TIG, PAW and FCAW
MeltView<sup>TM</sup> MIRA3 welding camera
C-mount lens camera for the smallest welds
MeltView<sup>TM</sup> APEX3 welding camera
Welding education made clear
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