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APEX3 welding camera for education and demostration

Now more than ever it’s time to help students observe and understand the workings of the molten puddle without crowding around their instructor. A good welding camera is simple to use and provides a clear, magnified video of the puddle for live display, streaming or recording.

Camera advantage

A camera in the welding lab means students don't have to crowd around their instructor, struggling to observe the weld. Video can be displayed on a large screen and recorded or streamed to another location. A camera is also a useful tool for evaluating student welding. The instructor can view the student’s live weld on screen and also record it to subsequently discuss with the student while examining the completed weld.

MeltView Solution

  • High definition 1920x1080p real-time video
  • 16:9 aspect ratio suitable for large screen projector or HDMI monitor
  • At 6oz and ~2x2x3″ the MeltView APEX3 fits almost anywhere you'd like to position a camera and can be optimally mounted to torch, bench, arm, or gantry
  • Record or stream close-up welding videos. Add a body-positioning camera video and/or narration. We utilize a robust, open-source (free) software. For real-time display, no software or computer is needed.


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