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Senior Facilities Engineer price

Thanks for the quote.  Your price is right in the range of what we had anticipated… My compliments to your system it is by far the best that we have had in our facility.  The welders are impressed with its resolution.

Senior Facilitites Engineer
Fortune 100 Company

Peter Levick price

The SYNC camera provides high-speed video capture along with optimized optics for the special requirements of arc welding at a cost far below those offered by other companies in this field.

Peter Levick
FANUC America

Joe Mueller price

The resolution of the camera is excellent, which is important for operators to adapt to this new method of process monitoring. The pricing is reasonable for the quality and the small size of the cameras is an advantage over the other products we have tested.

Joe Mueller
Manluk Industries


We were planning to integrate with X but are really liking the quality, size, and story of MeltTools. Definitely an attractive price point.

Business Development Manager
Equipment Integrator

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