Mechanized welding is commonly employed in the manufacture of tanks and pressure vessels as the most appropriate method to make linear and circumferential weld seams. Welding cameras are simple to install and offer clear operator benefits for monitoring tank and vessel welding.

Seamers weld linear seams and can often require an operator to crawl next to the torch or lean over equipment to monitor the weld through a weld hood. The seamer may also operate inside the tank to locate the root of the weld on the outside where it may be dressed and/or reinforced.

Column and boom machines are used to make the circumferential welds and often require an operator to be located several meters above the ground.

Other machines used to build larger tanks may weld vertically up outside or inside the tank.

The operator controlling any these machines is awkward, monotonous and risky; exposure to heights, fumes, heat and the welding arc all cause operator fatigue.

Integrating MeltView cameras into these welding machines has proven to be simple and straightforward providing numerous health and safety benefits. Displaying the video at the operator’s control station drastically improves his concentration and ability to see the weld, which means better weld quality.


Relocate operators from enclosed spaces, working at height or crawling
Detect defects in real time to reduce scrap and re-work
Improve positioning accuracy with magnified views of the weld zone
Improved set-up speed
Dual camera system enables immediate inspection of weld quality