Social distancing in the welding lab

MeltView APEX2 Advantage

  • High definition 1280x1080p real-time video
  • 16:9 aspect ratio suitable for large screen projector or HDMI monitor
  • Teach while maintaining distance among students and between student and instructor
  • At 4oz and ~2x2x2″ the camera can be optimally mounted to torch, bench, arm, or gantry
  • Huge 10″ depth of field makes it easy to keep camera in focus
Now more than ever it’s time to help students observe and understand the workings of the molten puddle without crowding around their instructor. The APEX2 welding camera provides a crisp, magnified view of the puddle on a large screen. With full frame 1280x1080p video played at 25fps up to 60fps, live welding video can be easily displayed on a large HDMI monitor or projector at native 16:9 aspect ratio. The APEX2 comes with a laptop with our viewing software LUCI preinstalled. Connect the laptop to a 100″ or larger HDMI monitor or projector and the image will be displayed simultaneously on both laptop and the big screen.

The APEX2 kit includes two mini torch mounts and a magnetic bench mount. You can mount the camera to the torch for a close-up, continuously in-focus view, or mount it to a free-arm or sliding fixture for a more traditional fixed area view. At 4oz and 2x2x2″, the APEX2 fits almost anywhere you’d like to position a camera. We recommend that instructors try the torch mount for teaching TIG and MIG. As one instructor says, “I like the view mounted to the torch because it’s right in your face, it’s always in focus.”

The camera is also a useful tool for maintaining social distance while evaluating student welding, The instructor can view the student’s live weld on screen and also record it to subsequently discuss with the student while examining the completed weld.

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