Monitoring pipe mill welding

Pipe welding cameras provide numerous benefits to the operator. MeltTools’ pipe welding customers monitor continuous root pass welding, continuous tack pass welding, coil joining stations and other automated applications with MeltView cameras.

Open arc welding processes are commonly used in both longitudinal and spiral pipe mills, industrial pipe prefabrication shops and orbital machines found on-site. Process operators are faced with making accurate adjustments to the equipment during welding, and the continuous or repetitive process may involve significant actinic radiation, heat and fumes.

MeltView welding cameras provide operators with a clear, real-time view of the weld puddle that helps them to take corrective actions and keep a constant eye on the welding process. The exact camera will be determined by application engineer based on the most appropriate mounting location, customers size, lighting, recording, field of view and protection requirements. When recording is employed, video footage gives engineers valuable information with which troubleshoot and improve the process.


Reduce re-work and scrap rates to increase profitability
Detect and control flaws in real-time
Correct processing variations
Utilize visual records as part of quality assurance program
Improve operator health and safety

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