LUCI software to capture welding videos

MeltView LUCI Advantage

  • One-touch recording and playback of high resolution welding videos
  • Live display of welding image on laptop and large screen
  • Easily export compressed video files for online learning
  • Auto mode for automatic switching between welding and non-welding states
  • Enhance mode for ultra crisp image and bright background

All of our APEX2 camera systems include a laptop with our viewing software LUCI preinstalled. LUCI is easy to use and feature-rich. Connect the camera, open LUCI and you will see the live camera image in high resolution 1080p. One click buttons allow you to start recording, stop recording and playback videos within the software. Four preset modes are available: Auto-switching, Inspection, Welding and Enhance. Additional one-touch features include an optical zoom slider, brightness slider and playback at full speed, half speed and quarter speed. Advanced features include timestamp overlay and the ability to adjust over a dozen imaging parameters.

In the welding lab, you can connect the laptop to a large HDMI monitor for simultaneous display of live welding on the laptop and large screen. For online learning, you can easily export the compressed mpeg video files. 

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