High speed camera imaging of laser welding with cold wire

A major automotive supplier uses the MeltView SYNC high-speed camera for welding process development.

Short circuit GMAW captured with DART welding camera

The MeltView DART camera automatically adjusts between welding and non-welding to provide a clear image, as shown in this video of short circuit GMAW.

MeltView SYNC high speed welding camera video of pulsed GMAW round corner

The SYNC camera mounts to the welding torch to capture the welding process continually at high speeds, up to 1300 frames per second as shown here.

15 WEL 141 GTAW 1F T-Joint

The MeltView PACT welding camera mounts directly to a manual welding torch and displays a close-up view of the weld for the training of welders.

APEX2 welding camera for manual welding education, GTAW

With the APEX2, instructors can show students what they see in real-time on a big screen and record video for playback.

APEX2 welding camera for manual welding education, GMAW

Display a real-time, close-up, in-focus video of your manual welding process for as long as you weld.

Welding camera view of fillet weld GMAW FCAW spray and short circuit

MeltTools Sync welding camera shows manual fillet welding using GMAW and FCAW processes in spray and short circuit mode.

MeltView SYNC high-speed imaging of FCAW

At over 300 frames per second, these features start to become visible, and the SYNC can record video continuously at up to 1200 fps to capture most welding phenomena in great detail.

Watch laser welding of stainless tube with a welding camera

The MeltView MIRA camera provides a clear view of the tube welding process with no image processing and no lag.

Welding camera view of puddle and background GTAW

The MeltView MIRA2 with LUCI software makes it easy to switch among inspection, background and puddle views during welding.

How to Detect Welding Defects with a Welding Camera

Defects in the alloy layer defeat the purpose of cladding and result in costly scrap, re-work or even failure of the component in the field. Monitoring the overlay process is difficult due to geometry and high temperatures.

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