Manual welding skills are learned by observation and practice. It is difficult for more than a handful of students to take in the details of an instructor’s welding demonstration, unless a camera is used to display a live, magnified view of the weld zone. The MeltView PACT and APEX2 are unobtrusive and flexible tools that offer clear, in-focus, magnified views of the weld zone during both demonstration and student practice.

Educators consistently find that by using the PACT or APEX2, they can more effectively teach their students how to read the arc and weld puddle. The PACT is a robust, cost-effective solution for live demonstration in the lab or field, while the APEX2 is a turnkey system used by schools for visualizing and recording GMAW, FCAW, GTAW and SMAW.

MeltView APEX2

MeltView APEX2

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The MeltTools camera system has taken our belt weld quality and consistency to a new higher level. This has been a “game changer” for our belt welding process!!

Mihai Opris, Repair Engineer
Lockheed Martin

This product is excellent for point-of-view welding demonstrations to my students, either live on a TV monitor or recorded and posted online for repeat viewing.

Bryce Eaton, Assistant Professor, Welding
Ivy Tech Community College

There was a need for improvement in our automatic welding process. We found at MeltTools not only the product but the technical support to successfully complete our project. I highly recommend this company.

Mihai Opris, Repair Engineer
Lockheed Martin

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