John Sliwinski

The camera is a game changer for welding instruction… Student videos can be critiqued with the instructor and or with other classmates to determine what was done correctly and incorrectly.

John Sliwinski
Penta Career Center, Perrysburg, Ohio


The DART camera greatly exceeded our expectations. We can see our welds in greater detail than was ever possible through a welding helmet.

Manufacturing Engineer

Geri Koncilja

MeltTools enables students to learn on the go. By using this innovative camera to record various welding processes, our students are coming to the classroom better prepared. They are able to see what the weld looks like from under the hood. They watch as the instructor creates an example of a good weld, and it creates a learning opportunity that helps to build confidence in their abilities.

Geri Koncilja, Instructional Designer, Fast Track Welding Program
Pueblo Community College

Chris Champagne

Thank you for the help this morning with the camera setup. I went into my settings after we spoke and changed things around. I was able to get the shot that I was looking for with only a few simple changes. The shot I got with aluminum is incredible. This system is going to help me out tremendously in my classes. Thank you so much for making a great product.

Chris Champagne
Santa Teresa High School

Daniel Gleason

The MeltTools camera system has taken our belt weld quality and consistency to a new higher level. This has been a “game changer” for our belt welding process!!

Daniel Gleason, Manager, Belt Shop
Hazelett Strip-Casting Corp.

Rick Cowman

The welder must be able to read and react to what they see in the pool.

Rick Cowman
Welding Training Solutions

Mihai Opris

There was a need for improvement in our automatic welding process. We found at MeltTools not only the product but the technical support to successfully complete our project. I highly recommend this company.

Mihai Opris, Repair Engineer
Lockheed Martin

John Sliwinski

The APEX2 camera is a game changer for welding instruction. Instructors can craft videos of their own liking… and students can view the videos in great detail over and over, freeing up the instructor from having to do constant demonstrations.

John Sliwinski
Penta Career Center

Peter Levick

The MeltTools SYNC camera has provided us the tools to optimize critical arc welding controls for the elimination of weld spatter at arc starting/ending. The SYNC camera provides high-speed video capture along with optimized optics for the special requirements of arc welding at a cost far below those offered by other companies in this field.

Peter Levick, Staff Engineer
FANUC America

Clarence Adkins

The camera does a great job in observing and recording the welding process (weld pool, wire position, heat zones, etc…)

Clarence Adkins, Mechanical Engineer
Quality Tubing

Art Kozakowski

Being able to use a test camera was a great help & ease into the decision to buy.

Art Kozakowski, Senior Engineer
Anderson Instrument Co.


The MeltView DART has worked perfectly under harsh conditions, allowing our welders to work remotely while still producing outstanding welds.

Kevin, Metallurgist

Methods Planner

Our welders are enjoying the enhanced clarity of the new welding camera.

Methods Planner
A Fortune 100 company

Bryce Eaton

This product is excellent for point-of-view welding demonstrations to my students, either live on a TV monitor or recorded and posted online for repeat viewing.

Bryce Eaton, Assistant Professor, Welding
Ivy Tech Community College

Welding engineer

I wanted to integrate a weld camera for training and process improvement applications, primarily for GMAW. The PACT camera has been working great.

Welding engineer
A Fortune 500 company

Randy Sprague

MeltTools customer service is by far the best I’ve experienced in years. They worked with us to perfect a system for our application while making sure we had the tools to continue our production. The quality of their product is exceptional. I would recommend them to anyone.

Randy Sprague
Maintenance Supervisor, Wildwood FL

Jim Campbell

Verbal and written descriptions of arc physics and limited vision of the real arc bores our students. Can we capture some exciting stuff for them with today’s optics?

Jim Campbell
Florence-Darlington Technical College


The image quality with pulsed solid wire is fantastic. I like how the camera mount can be switched to either side.


Doug, Software Engineer

Chance Georgetti

We got the camera adjusted and it is working great !! Also I got approved to buy another can you please send me another quote so I get the order rolling?

Chance Georgetti
Pittsburgh Technical College

Joe Mueller

The PIXI system is a significant improvement for our welding processes. The operating personnel has now the ability to monitor the process from different angles, while they are operating the machine. The resolution of the camera is excellent, which is important for operators to adapt to this new method of process monitoring. The pricing is reasonable for the quality and the small size of the cameras is an advantage over the other products we have tested.

Joe Mueller
Project and Process Improvement Manager, Manluk Industries, Alberta, Canada

John Smulders

The MeltView MIRA camera system for monitoring and recording welding and deposition processing has provided our operators with an effective tool to better view the weld zone and minimize their exposure to the fumes and gases generated by the process.

John Smulders, QA Administrator
NDA Engineering


The whole management is impressed because of the results. They have been looking for a result like that for years…


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