MeltTools offers a comprehensive line of accessories including camera mounts, cables, monitors, lights and more.

We make it easy for you to order a turnkey system or individual components to complement or upgrade your existing equipment.


A single or dual mirror periscope attachment for the DART, MIRA, MIRA2 and SYNC makes it possible to overcome mounting and positional constraints.


Our range of isolating camera mounts includes free arm, fix arm and manual torch mounts.


Additional lighting may be used to ensure a clear image for positioning purposes. Note that lighting is integrated into some MeltView cameras.


Our range of camera cabling systems addresses application requirements such as high flexure, long lengths, and high temperatures.


We offer tubing for transmission of water and air to the camera.


Protective jackets insulate and protect the camera as well as cables and hoses.


We offer a range of monitors and video signal converters for MeltView welding cameras that display directly to a monitor.


MeltView cameras that utilize our LUCI viewing software require a computer for operation. Depending on the application, we offer a preconfigured industrial all in one PC or a laptop.

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